Buy Sildenafil Citrate 100mg


Sildenafil is a prescription medication prescribed to men unable to keep a stable erection (condition likewise described as impotence). Discuss with your doctors all the medicines you are currently taking, in addition to health disorders that may disrupt your treatment. If you have hypertension or prostate problems you may be recommended a reduced amount of this medicine to see exactly how it deals with you. Follow all the referrals of your medical professional, featuring the dosage and means of taking Sildenafil.

Some adverse effects you could experience while your physical body adjusts to this medicine include flushing, frustration (mild to moderate), and an indigestion. Less usual negative side effects feature light sensitivity and blurred vision. An extremely rare symptom some clients have actually stated is sudden reduction and even reduction of eyesight triggered by decreased blood circulation to the optic nerve. While it is unclear whether these symptoms are created by Sildenafil or instead compared to that - by a range of elements (smoking, age, pre-existing eye troubles), if you observe any sort of changes in your eyesight kindly seek prompt medical assistance to prevent the condition from getting even worse.

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